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Our Firm, Gulf Elevators Co. L.L.C was established in the year 1976 in the U.A.E by His Excellency Sheikh Faisal Bin Khalid Mohammed Al Qassimi – Ruling Family of Sharjah. Our firm has highly skilled engineers and technicians for erecting and maintaining Traction Elevators, Hydraulic Elevators and Platform Elevators. We have installed over 3,600 lifts approximately all over the U.A.E. since 1976. The company was formed with humble beginnings & still follows the core values of loyalty & customer satisfaction.

We specialize in Elevator installations in all types of Premium Villas, Small and Mid Size Residential elevators & High Rise Commercial Buildings within the UAE. We are active in the business of Home Elevators, Elevator Sales, Installation, Service & Maintenance & have been catering to a wide number of clients in the UAE through our offices in Sharjah, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The products offered by us are of the highest quality in the market from established lift manufacturers like G.M.V. S.p.A – Italy, ARITCO – Sweden, FUJI YIDA – China. We are the authorized distributors appointed by the above mentioned companies for the U.A.E for Lift service, lift elevators, and portable lift for home.

Gulf Elevators is the most suitable choice if you are looking for highly customizable and tailor-made elevators. Our residential elevators are very flexible and can be made to suit the interiors of your space and give an overall seamless look that will enhance the elegance and value of your space. Furthermore, the high-tech drive system used in our elevators guarantees a smooth and super silent elevator journey with minimum electricity consumption. Gulf Elevators ultimately offers the best elevator solutions right from the installation period to the after-sales maintenance. We offer a highly convenient choice of elevators as they require no structured wall for support and can be installed anywhere with minimal space consumption. Our elevators are made to increase accessibility and provide ease and comfort. Our elevators also come with Smart technologies such as smart safety which ensures maximum safety making them suitable even for children. We firmly believe that the longevity of any elevator lies in its maintenance. So we offer skilled maintenance and modernization services to ensure our elevators are performing their best and serving our customers to the fullest.

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We specialize in Residential elevators installations in all types of Premium Villas, Small and Mid Size Residential & High Rise Commercial Buildings within the UAE.

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